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Other Considerations

Tree roots and the building sewer ? 

If the home you are buying is in an older neighborhood that pre - dates the 1970's and the lot contains some mature trees, you might be wise to consider the possibility that tree roots have overwhelmed the main sewer pipe that leads from your home to the street.  Older drain materials like clay, cast iron and concrete may have been damaged over time leading to imperfections in the pipe where tree root entry is possible. Having a plumber scope the line can save a home buyer thousands of dollars in unplanned repair costs. 

Caveat Emptor

The buyer of this property proceeded under the assumption that this fence was the demarcation line between him and the neighbor. Accordingly, the buyer felt that he was within his rights to clear the "ugly" and unsightly trees from his side of the line. When attempting to remove the trees he was promptly informed by his neighbor that the trees were in fact not on his property, but rather, on the neighbor's side of the line as evidenced by the survey stakes in the picture. The end result was that our home buyer was only able to trim the parts of the neighbors trees that fell across the line. The lesson here is that buyers should always beware and careful when making assumptions. 


An ounce of prevention. Gutters, downspouts, grading

Nothing upsets a homeowner more than finding water in the their basement, especially the newly finished basement. Over 90% of wet basement issues are a direct result of ineffectual surface water control measures. Failure to maintain working gutters and downspouts may lead to surface water accumulating around the foundation and possibly making it's way into the basement. Basements are not constructed like boats, and should not be asked to perform like one. Simple and inexpensive measures like keeping gutters clean, sloping the grade away from the house, and discharging water at least 4 feet from the structure, can help to ensure the basement stays dry.  


Change those furnace air filters ( Not for the reason you think )

Before you fire up the AC this summer, make sure to change the furnace air filter to a cheaper less restrictive one than you would otherwise use. At first this may seem counter intuitive, but in the interest of maintaining good air flow across the evaporator coil in your furnace, budget air filters are the way to go. As warm house air moves across the cold coil, heat in the air is removed. This is the mechanism that produces cooler air for the house. However, this process also dehumidifies the air. Moisture carried with the warm air will actually condense on the cold coil. If good air flow across the coil is not maintained, this condensate can freeze. Eventually the frost accumulation can reach the point where it blocks most of the air flow through the system. The AC will still be running, but there will be little to no airflow through the registers. If this condition persists, possible compressor damage and some expensive repairs would be expected. Taking some simple and inexpensive steps to mitigate this possibility can save a home owner thousand of dollars in repair costs.


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