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1. Why do I need a home inspection ?

Professional home inspectors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the inspection process. A professional home inspection can alert home buyers to issues that may affect their decision to buy the property. When considering the potential savings relative to the fees charged for an inspection, a home inspection represents a good value proposition for the client.

2. Do I need to attend the inspection ?

In short NO. However, it is strongly recommended that clients make every effort to accompany the inspector as he moves through the house. A greater permanence is imparted to clients if they participate in the inspection. The overall goal of any inspection is to have the client understand the home in the exact same terms as the inspector. By working directly with the client, the inspector will have a better chance of effectively communicating findings, as well as, bringing perspective when needed. 

3. Can the inspection be performed at night ?

Yes. But only as a last resort. For obvious reasons, performing an inspection at night presents a significant limitation to the inspection. In the interest of producing the best report possible, every effort should be made to schedule the inspection during daylight hours. Given the increasing demands on peoples time however, a night time inspection may be the only option. In this case we try to make alternative arrangements with the seller to perform the exterior and roof portions of the inspection in advance.

4. How long will the inspection take ?

The average home inspection can last anywhere from between 2.5 to 3 hours. There are times however, when more time is needed to thoroughly evaluate the condition of a home. At BDS Home Inspections we assume all inspections will take longer than the average, and plan accordingly by scheduling 4 hours per inspection. When inspectors rush the inspection so they can make it to the next one mistakes are made. Allowing 4 hours for each inspection removes the time constraint pressure. The result is a better finished product for our clients.  

5. What's the difference between a pre-listing and pre-purchase inspection ?

There is no qualitative difference between these two types of inspections in terms of evaluation and report delivery. Both are performance based reviews of the installed components in the home. From a buyer's perspective, the pre-purchase inspection is designed to present a clear picture of what they are buying at the time of the inspection. From the sellers perspective, the pre-listing inspection will alert them to issues they may want to address prior to listing their home. 

6. Will the inspector find everything ?

NO. The reality of the process is such that some things will be missed. A home inspection is a snapshot of the homes current condition at a single point in time. The inspection is not exhaustive, nor is it predictive. The inspector's role is to look for the "Big Issues" that may affect the client's decision to buy the property. However, as a professional courtesy, minor issues will be noted and addressed in the report with the requisite perspective, implications and recommendations. 

7. Does infrared imaging include a heat loss analysis ?

NO. The infrared camera is only used to further investigate areas that may have been subjected to moisture intrusion or, in cases where water leakage is not uncommon (ie; failed toilet gaskets). This determination is made at the time of the inspection and is based on observable clues. If a cold area is noted with the camera, the presence of actual moisture is verified with a moisture meter. Heat loss calculations and the analysis of insulation performance are beyond the scope of a standard home inspection. 

8. When will the report be delivered ?

In the interest of moving the real estate transaction forward, findings will be compiled into a HORIZON inspection report to be delivered within 24 hours of completing the inspection. The default method for delivery is an emailed pdf document with embedded hot links to the Horizon knowledge base. 

9. Will the details of the report be shared with the agents and seller ?

NO. Not unless requested by the client. The report is for the exclusive use of the client who is the owner of the report. For professional record keeping purposes, a copy of the report will be retained by the inspector but cannot be shared with and other party without the express consent of the client. 

10. Repairs needed ? What's it gonna cost ?

See our "Home Improvement Costs" document to get an idea of what to expect to pay for repairs.

11. What forms of payment are accepted ?

Cash, cheque, e-transfer, and all major credit cards are accepted. Payment is due at the end of the inspection.


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