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Why bother with a Pre-Listing Inspection ? 


Many people believe a home inspection is something that only happens prior to finalizing a real estate transaction. Buyers engage the services of a professional home inspector. The inspection is performed. A report generated. The deal proceeds, or doesn't, based on the results. All of this occurs, of course, after the home has been put on the market. Sellers, however, can also engage the services of a professional home inspector, otherwise known as a pre-listing inspection. The only difference is that this type of inspection happens prior to listing the home. This doesn't preclude buyers from getting their own inspection, but engaging in this type of enhanced disclosure makes everyone involved in the transaction feel just a little more at ease. So what are some benefits of a pre-listing inspection?

  1. 1. Find out what's wrong and fix it

It's very easy for negative inspection reports to be taken out of context by prospective home buyers. The act of inspecting a home after negotiating a price often raises many unwanted issues for the buyer. Dealing with an extensive list of " to do " items can be overwhelming for many people, especially novice buyers. The goal of any inspection is to have the client understand the house in the exact same terms as the inspector. Unfortunately this does not always happen. While being technically competent, some inspectors fail to bring perspective to their findings. The end result is a nervous buyer who may want to use the report as leverage to renegotiate, or even worse, walk away. A pre-listing inspection can help sellers identify problems they can address prior to listing.  The pre-listing inspection is a proactive solution designed to mitigate potential barriers to a successful real estate transaction.

2. More disclosure means better disclosure

Ontario law requires sellers to issue full disclosure to buyers of known issues relating to the performance of their home. The pre-listing inspection gives a seller the opportunity to show they are going above and beyond what is reasonably expected when disclosing problems that may affect a buyers future enjoyment of that home.  Again, a more comfortable and reassuring experience for buyers.

3. Unrealistic Vendors

An inspection at the time of listing can also help a Realtor deal with a vendor who has unrealistic expectations with regards to what they may believe is a fair market price for their home. The inspection report, in this sense, is evidence the realtor can use when explaining why the seller can't ask top bucks for a house which is not in top condition.  

4. Marketing tool for sellers

Complete with pictures, a list of deficiencies, as well as, the associated implications and recommendations, HORIZON inspection reports provide a clear picture of the home's current condition. Sellers can improve their chances of getting the best possible price by showing what's wrong upfront, or even better, what's not wrong. Knowing what needs to be fixed will also go a long way to helping sellers and their agents come up with a competitive listing price. In addition, providing color printed hard copies of the report to agents and prospective buyers can serve to augment the normal actions associated with the dissemination of information about the property; ie the listing sheet. Altogether this will mean more interest in the property, more offers on the property, and a more comfortable and less antagonistic experience for all parties.


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